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What's New


In addition to our regular items we sell at farmer's markets and online, we converted the home made travel trailer to a food trailer with grill, 5 coolers, solar panels and much more.  

The Baja Gourmet rolling restaurant allows us to present a menu of food items served live including Cheese Burgers, Dogs, Chili Dogs, Sushi and Hot Sake, Steaks cooked to order, Grilled Yellowtail, Breakfast Egg and Hash Brown Sandwiches, Coffee and so much more. We're hoping to find a semi-permanent location soon where we can really get down with a variety of Tapas and Baja Wines.  

It's really fun to host people who want to eat and hang out.  More bar stools coming soon! 

Cath us next week at Puerta Al Valle Saturday market. 


What are we working on? 

Our latest cooking adventure is Smoked Cream Cheese.  Multiple flavors, ready fo your next wine tasting or tapas experience. Best served with a 30 second flash in the microwave.  Stay tuned! 

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