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Farmer's Market

We love our La Mision communtiy and appreciate the support for our products at the La Mision Farmer's Market at Puerta Al Valle on Saturdays. 

To make sure we don't run out of the items you want we have set up this on line pre-payment capability with PayPal.  

Simply select the item & # you want and make your purchase(s).  

Here's what we have available for pickup this Saturday starting at 12:00 noon in the upper parking lot:

korean yellowtail.jpg

Our signature smoked Yellowtail is first brined in a salt and spice mix and then marinated with our secret recipe.  Sodium Nitrate is added for long shelf life as well as food standard vacuum sealed packaging.

Ready to eat, mix in dip, on a baguette or in a chowder- 

5 ounce fillet portions. 

Smoked Yellowtail Fillet

$10. Dollars


Smoked Fish Dip includes Smkoed Marlin, Smoked Yellowtail and many other ingredients to make it full, rich and chunky.  Hard not to eat the whole package all at once. 


8oz resealable tub.  

Smoked Marlin and Yellowtail Dip

$5 Dollars


We do our own Smoked Pepper Jack Cheese - simply awesome.

Vacuum Sealed for freshness or your freezer.

8 oz blocks

Smoked Pepper Jack Cheese 

8 Ounces

$8. Dollars

New York Steaks.jpg

New York Steaks are hard to get in La Mision.  These are thick 1.5" cuts, vacuum sealed with sea salt, pepper and garlic to tenderize and pre-flavor your meat.  Ready for the grille.  Delicious.  We'll have a few extra big ones for $10 at the Farmer's Market. 

New York Steaks 

1.5 " Thick

at least 12 ounces 

$8. Dollars



Bacon Wrapped Fillet Mignon.jpg

Yellowtail Steaks

We reserve the best shoulder cut from this delicious fish - great as Hamachi or on the grille or your favorite recipe.  Cook just a little longer than traditional fish on the grille to get a firm and white flaky texture that is top of the menu.  

Prime cuts are at least 10 ounces. 

Yellowtail Prime Cuts

10 oz

$7. Dollars


Just pay for your order and we will guarantee that it will be there waiting for you to pickup from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm at the Puerta Al Valle Farmer's Market (Upper Parking Lot).   Please get your order in before 2pm on Friday.   If something happens and you can't make it on time - call 661-131-3131.

Thanks for your support!  

Join our email contact list and we'll let you know about new items or special events we are participating in. 

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