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  • Where do your products come from?
    All of our products are sourced and produced/caught/harvested in Baja Mexico and our product line is structured around representing some of our favorite foods in Baja.
  • How is our Seafood harvested?
    Most of our fish comes from Pacific Ocean fisheries and local boats who fish deep water offshore as well as cleaner inshore waters with a minimum of ten miles off the coast. Some specied of fish we obtain come from the the Sea Of Cortez but none are taken in endangered Vaquita Dolphin areas. Fishing techniques are sustainably managed by our fishermen who follow the strictest guidelines for targeted species, bycatch, and product care.
  • What is your smoking process for fish?
    We salt/sugar brine our fish for a minimum of six hours, and then marinade particular products for four hours or more before smoking. Sweet citrus woods are utilized in our hot smoking process for most species, although hickory wood is used as well for stronger recipes. Curing Salt (Sodium Nitrate) is utilized in the process to extend preservation of our smoked products.
  • Where is your processing/production done?
    Our processing takes place in Rosarito and Ensenada Mexico (Northern Baja) which puts us a short distance from the US border- the only thing that allows us to do importing in a reasonable timely fashion.
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